Hatt. L. (2016). What’s Distinctive About Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education? Threshold Concepts and Expertise. Practitioner Development Workshop delivered at 3E (ESCB Enterprise Educators Conference) Leeds, 11th  [Awarded Best PDW].

Hatt, L. (2016). A proposed approach to the design of a doctoral study to identify threshold concepts in Entrepreneurship education and the implications of these for the curricula and pedagogy of Entrepreneurship programmes in Higher Education. Paper presented at 6th Biennial Threshold Concept Conference, 15th – 17th June, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hatt, L., Blackwood, T., Fowle, M., Robson, A. and Pugalis, L. Self-selecting ‘entrepreneurs’: Reflections on a Higher Education selection event. Case Study. ISBE2015 (Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship), Glasgow, 11th – 12th November 2015

Hatt, L. Staff perspectives of threshold concepts in the context of an undergraduate entrepreneurial business degree programme. Developmental paper. BAM2015 (British Academy of Management) Portsmouth, 8th – 10th September 2015.

Blackwood, A., Hatt, L., Pugalis, L. and Round, A. Fostering an Entrepreneurial Team Based Learning Environment. ISBE2014 (Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship), Manchester, 5th – 6th November 2014.

Blackwood, A. and Hatt, L. (NBS) and Jarvis, C and Dance, G. (UWE). Learning for Impact – An Innovative, Flexible, Work-Based Approach. Parallel session for IEEC2014 (International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference), Newcastle, September 4th 2014.

Academic Journal Publications

Pugalis, L., Round, A., Blackwood, T., & Hatt, L. (2015). The entrepreneurial middle ground: Higher education entry decisions of aspiring entrepreneurs. Local Economy, 30(5), 503-519.
Blackwood, T., Round, A., Pugalis, L., & Hatt, L. (2015). Making sense of learning: Insights from an experientially-based undergraduate entrepreneurship programme. Industry and Higher Education, 29(6), 445-457.

Pugalis, L., Round, A., Blackwood, T. and Hatt. L. Learning by doing business: the learning dispositions of teampreneurs. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. (Research paper submitted November 2014)

Hatt, L. (2014). Book review: Making sense of organizational learning: Putting theory into practice. Management Learning, 45(1), 115-117.

Other Publications

Blackwood, T., Baty, G., Dale, B., Fowle, M., Hatt, L., Jussila, N. and Pugalis, L. Team Academy Northumbria – Learn to Surprise Yourself in Thomas, L. (Ed.) A Compendium of effective practice in directed independent learning. QAA & HEA

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