Intention to Submit


Following a little bit of a hiatus over the summer what with it being summer and holidays and some other stuff, I last wrote I think with the intention of submitting a full draft to my supervisors for review end June.  I started calling it my final draft and then reflected that that was unlikely 🙂 and somewhat over optimistic.  So I completed a full draft and submitted it in the form of individual chapters via drop box to my supervisors mid-July (two weeks late).   I thought that I should leave it alone then until I got feedback, otherwise it would be tricky to respond to the feedback.  That transpired to be a pretty long break (two months) as I got the feedback I’d been waiting for mid-September.

The verdict was very promising. I had been wondering if feedback was delayed because there was so much of it (because my work was so bad) …so it was nice to find that that wasn’t the case.  Much of the work that is needed now is about splitting up chapters and reordering content, adding more explanation in places, putting raw data in appendices, making more of contributions to knowledge, stuff like that.

In my supervision meeting today, we went through the feedback chapter by chapter and agreed I would aim to submit mid-November.

We discussed external and internal examiners .

So I have another (maybe final!) pass to do incorporating feedback from both supervisors and will send them it chapter by chapter as I go.  I need to count the days I have available to dedicate to this work between now and mid November just to check this plan is feasible but it looks like I may be on my way.